Here, you will find many heroes and leaders of the Civil Rights Movement.

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James Howard Meredith
James Howard Meredith

James Howard Meredith

Born June 25, 1933 Kosciusko, Mississippi

Inspired by the rights the changes in laws made available to James, he applied yet was denied acceptance twice by the University of Mississippi. Although law stated he had the right, many in power continued to stop it from happening. Finally, he was the first African American student to be accepted and attend at the University of Mississippi. Riots and great protest caused two deaths during the first few days of his presence on campus. He attended 2 semesters starting on October 1, 1962. June 6, 1966 a 220 mile March Against Fear was taking place by Merridith to showcase rights to vote. His march was from Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson Mississippi. James Merridith was shot in protest by Aubrey James Norvell (a white man) during his march yet was able to return to the march and finish it. From 1898 to 1991 for the staff of United States Senator Jesse Helms was the domestic adviser. He has been a valuable part of the changes that has taken place related to Civil Rights in the United States. However he did not agree with the concept of Civil Rights, he agreed and was passionate for all people to be supported by the constitution.

Huey P. Newton

Huey P Newton

Huey P. Newton

Born February 17,1942

Died August 22, 1989 (murdered)

Huey P. Newton was raised on the hard street of Oakland California, made by police to feel bad about himself for being black. Attended Merrit College, joining the Afro-American Association met Bobby Seale. They wrote Ten-Point included jobs, education, better housing and the use of violence or threat of violent to push for social change, a goal of black self defense Black Panther Party formed, Newton was minister of defense . Visual militaristic style showing weapons and promoting violence made numerous headlines. During the 1960's into 1970's the Panthers controversial feedback didn't stop chapters across the nation forming. By 1970 the Black Panthers had lost many member. On August 22, 1989 on the hard streets in Oakland after coming out of a known crack house Newton was shot twice in the face by Black Guerrilla family member Tyrone "Double T" Robinson, a two decade rival and known drug dealer. Influence today from Newtons actions continue, many modern artist write songs related to Newton and the actions of the Black Panthers.

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Michael Schwerner
Michael Schwerner

Michael Schwerner

Born November 6, 1939

Died June 21, 1964 (Murdered)

Young white college educated social worker running a group in Manhattans Lower East Side Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). Schwerner early on caught the attention of the KKK and the Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, becoming watched and his action making him a larger target as the first permanent whites outside of Jackson and was located in Meridan. In 1964 the CORE'S "Freedom Summer", training in Ohio took place. The Mount Zion Church firebombed, a conspiracy by authorities and the Klu Klux Klan set a trap for the Schwerner vehicle. They were stopped and arrested, held for hour and when released vehicles full of Klan members ambushed them, shot the three of them, killing them and buried the bodies. An FBI investigation took place with extra attention in the media shining on the case with white Civil Rights activist being killed. Michael Schwerner's death brought needed attention to practice's of race in the South, many people stepped up to the policies still in practice having to do with discrimination and segregation. His work and the ultimate sacrifice of his life did not go unnoticed and was a turning point to the focus in the South.

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Bobby Seale (Robert George Seale)
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Bobby Seale

Born October 22, 1936 Dallas Texas

Radical African American focused on aggressive militant approach to protect African Americans at a local level. 1962 connected with Huey Newton protesting and wrote there Ten-Point-Program that outlined their way of thinking and handling racism and violence against blacks, they formed the Black Panthers in 1966, also known as the Black Panther Parties. Not agreeing with the non violent tactics, they planned to protect the black community with force from the highly racist Oakland police force. Quickly becoming a new Civil Rights voice, reaching out the to communities the nation responded with chapters from coast to coast. 4 years in prison was served by Seale when he was held in contempt of court after he and 7 others at a Democratic National Convention acted and protested criminally. After his 4 year prison term he declared no more violence and set out to reestablish the Black Panthers. Political interest faded, in 2002 he started again to attempt to create change is guiding young political activist in Oakland. The wrote and published 3 books: "Seize the Time", 1970, "A Lonely Rage," 1978 and Barbeque'n With Bobby in 1987. He still contributes to the advancement of safe, equal constitutional rights of all African Americans, his structure and program influence and benefit the communities they are active in.

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Fred Shuttlesworth (born Freddie Lee Robinson)
Fred Shuttlesworth

Fred Shuttlesworth

Born March 18, 1922 Mount Meigs, Alabama

Died October 2, 2011 Birmingham, Alabama

A very visual and vocal supportive leader of the Civil Rights movement finding opposition within his support circle as well as the groups that was clearly against him. 1953 became pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, by 1956 the Alabama state Chapter of NAACP membership Chairman (the state outlawed). Also in 1956 he and Ed Gardner established Christian Movement for Human Rights (CMHR). In 1957 working along side Martin Luther King Jr. and numerous others to be co-founder of Southern Christian Leadership Conference. 1960 he was at the front of sit-ins to protest the segregation at lunch counters. He was heavily involved with the Freedom Riders in 1961. Project "C" (confrontation) started in 1963 with his thought and intent to get the younger generation involved to protest and march. In 1965 the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March that was a success in the passing of The Voting Rights Act. Shuttlesworth was arrested many times over the years. He also was attacked and attempts on his life happened repeatedly by the Klu Klux Klan, his wife with him during one attach was injured. The changing impact on the rights and freedoms of all that Fred Shuttlesworth faithfully devoted his life to is seen today with progress continuing. Shuttlesworth felt he would rather die supporting the needed changed the Civil Rights would bring then to die doing nothing.

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